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Anugerah Standard dan Akreditasi Kebangsaan 2015 (StAr Awards 2015)




Kuala Lumpur - MAS Awana was chosen as one of the reciepients for the Anugerah Standard dan Akreditasi Kebangsaan 2015 (StAr Awards 2015).  The event held on Friday 20th Nov 2015 was attended by En Yunus, Mr Yeoh Lim, En Zain, and Ms Linda.

We were chosen by Malaysian Standards Department as the best business performance and productivity company amoung all the companies with an annual revenue between RM25 to RM50 million in 2014 in Malaysia that uses Malaysian Standards for ‘Good Manufacturing Practises’.

The ceremony was graced by YB Datuk Seri Panglima Madius Tangau (Minister Science, Technology and Innovation), Dato’ Sri Dr. Noorul Ainur (General Secretary Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation - MOSTI) , Tan Sri Mustafa Mansur (Pengerusi Majlis Standard dan Akreditasi Malaysia) and Datuk Fadilah Baharin (Managing Director of Standards Malaysia).